Saturday, August 3, 2013


As I mentioned yesterday, I'm doing a readathon this weekend with a bunch of bloggy friends across the Eastern Seaboard. The 24 in 48 Readathon is the brainchild of Rachel at A Home Between the Pages. She's done a few previous ones, over weekends on which I was uncharacteristically socializing. This one coincides with a weekend that I have no plans and am hungry for a reading binge, so I'm officially joining the fun.

I think both Rachel and our pal Kerry from Entomology of a Bookworm are cool enough to have Tumblrs for live updates during the readathon. I still haven't quite clicked with Tumblr, despite a few earnest experiments, so I'm settling for updating this post throughout the weekend. But if you're Tumblry, spy on Kerry here and Rachel here.

Saturday 10:30ish am - I was rudely awakened by my internal clock at 6:45 am, so I have already managed to read one whole book and clock 2 hours and fifteen minutes of reading time. If you do the math, you may deduce that I also cooked and ate cheesy eggs and toast and took an accidental 1-hour nap, awakening again at 9:45 to find Bethany mopping the kitchen. Our college selves would be so ashamed.

Saturday 2:30ish pm - Finished a second book and dipped into a third. Ben Winters' books proved to be a great kickstart to the readathon! (Plus one of them earns me more points in the Semi-Charmed Life Challenge.) Now I'm on to &Sons, which I'm already very in love with. I took a break for a grocery store run. All the essentials like grapes and chips and diet Coke. Onward!

Just the Stats, Ma'am: 

The Last Policeman by Ben Winters
Countdown City by Ben Winters
4 hours

336 + 316 + 52 = 704

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Shannon @ River City Reading said...

I'm taking part in the readalong, too and I'm surprised by how much I've gotten through already. I really loved The Last Policeman when I read it last year. I actually just finished the second book in the trilogy and it's just as good!

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